Friday, September 14, 2012

Get Smart, Meet Mr. McKinley, Drink a Dark and Malty Beverage

Next Month (that would be October), the team will be supporting the IBM POWER Systems Technical University in Dublin, Ireland. This is a GREAT opportunity to acquire some real knowledge on DB2 for i, as well as meet my good friend and teammate Tom McKinley.

Tom has over 30 years with IBM, most of which has been spent in and around database.  His experience includes:  leader of the system licensed internal code (SLIC) database developers (this is the team that actually processes, stores and retrieves your data by the way),  a member of the core group that designed and developed the new SQL query engine,  leader of the database performance and scalability team,  and last but not least, a founding member of the DB2 for i Center of Excellence.  Needless to say, Tom knows DB2 for i, and more importantly, can effectively share his knowledge with you.

As I've preached recommended many times in previous posts, the responsibility is yours to get and stay educated on all things database.  Attending a technical conference in Ireland looks to be a fantastic way to accomplish this, as well as take in the sights, sounds and taste of the emerald isle.

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