Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Visit the Home of Coke

No, not Colombia.


The Spring 2013 RPG & DB2 Summit conference will be held the week of March 18 in Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta is the home of the world famous beverage Coca-cola (which by the way, did indeed have cocaine as an ingredient in the original formula).

Besides getting a refreshing beverage, you can get some refreshing updates on IBM i and DB2 technology.

Kent Milligan and Doug Mack from the DB2 for i Center of Excellence will be there presenting several topics on extracting usable information from data, faster and more efficiently.

I have also been asked to reprise my role as rabble-rouser in a session entitled: "i Advocate" Tutorial & Discussion.  If you want to know how to fight advocate for your IBM i system, and articulate the value YOU provide when coding for it, this session is for you. If you want to see your beloved platform continued to be marginalized and your skills mothballed, by all means stay home.

Obviously I believe that attending the RPG & DB2 Summit is a very effective way in which to increase your knowledge and skills, all while growing your network of really good people. Don't believe me? Check out all of the sessions and presenters here.

Hope to see you in Atlanta next month - with a curvy bottle in your hand!

Oh, and while in Atlanta, take time to walk up the world's largest exposed granite monolith - known as Stone Mountain. This is a great a way to acknowledge Spring's arrival in the northern hemisphere.

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