Monday, March 25, 2013

As I See it: Victor Rozek is Very Good

Or he has a very special set of glasses.

As some of you know, IT Jungle publishes an electronic newsletter called The Four Hundred. I read one author's articles religiously. That author is Victor Rozek.

I believe (from reading) that Victor has a fantastic ability to connect the dots, and illuminate the connections in an insightful way.

Instead of just shining a bright white light on his subject of choice, he also points beams consisting of a single color, just to see what might be revealed. More often than not, he gives the reader a glimpse into a totally unexpected or otherwise unknown aspect. Thus it will come as no surprise that his column is entitled: "As I See It:".  HA!  more like "do YOU see it!".

His most recent article is no exception. Because the article is about data proliferation and the related pursuits of piling it up and sifting through it, I'm calling it out.

Whether you do data or not, you should take a moment to read Victor's article here.

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