Monday, September 19, 2016

Doug Mack joins the Blogosphere

I am excited to see that my long time colleague and good friend Doug Mack has joined the blogging community!

Doug and I began working together some time back in 1994. That was the period during which the idea of warehousing data and performing analysis on consolidated information began hitting the market.

Also back then, Doug was instrumental in creating and leading the AS/400 Data Warehousing movement, telling audiences all over the world that, "yes, you can use AS/400 for business intelligence". It should come as no surprise, that today Doug continues to provide insight through his discussion of query modernization and report re-engineering, all in pursuit of delivering more value to your business.

I invite you to visit and follow Doug's new DB2 Web Query blog, where he will be sharing knowledge and know how on getting the most value out of your IBM i data. 

And yes, you can use IBM i for business intelligence.

Welcome Doug!

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