Thursday, May 17, 2012

A COMMON “Memory”

Kent Milligan here...

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at the US COMMON Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA.  During the conference, I had discussions with several attendees looking to maximize large memory pools on their IBM i systems to improve application and database performance.

Some attendees knew about the SETOBJACC (Set Object Access) command and how it can be applied. However, few were aware of the new KEEPINMEM (Keep in Memory) parameter in the IBM i 7.1 release that was added to the Change Physical File (CHGPF) and Change Logical File (CHGLF) commands, or how the in-memory database attribute actually works.

Check out this article to learn more details about this new DB2 object attribute to help tables and indexes stay in memory when SQL is being used for data access.


Thanks Kent! Yet another way to increase DB2 for i query performance and scalability without the hassle of "buffer pool" memory administration.


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