Monday, December 3, 2012

Data Scientists in Action!

It's always interesting and fun how things come together...  no sooner than I comment on data scientists, and Victor Rozek pens an article about the use of data in the recent biggest show on earth  U.S. presidential election. That article can be found here.

I absolutely love Victor's articles by the way. This guy writes some really insightful and illuminating pieces that tie information technology, human behavior and the world together in unexpected ways. If you are not receiving his articles already, check them out here.

The current article is a wonderful account of the use of data, the application of information, and the results (good and bad) of doing so in a timely manner. The genie is out of the bottle on this one. Data science will be ALL the rage going forward.  There is simply too much at stake in both business and politics. Look for an arms race to ensue as everyone seeks to divine their version of the truth that will provide advantage and profit, or at least a heads start towards success.

If you are not actively looking into using data more effectively, you are missing the boat - and dare I say - rapidly falling behind.

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