Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Take a Bite Out of the MinneApple

Come October, amid the bold colors of autumn, another education opportunity presents itself...  will you partake of it?

The Fall session of my favorite technical conference takes place in Minneapolis Minnesota. The great folks of System i Developer will be hosting The RPG & DB2 Summit.

Not sure if it's worth your time, energy and money?   hmmm...

From my perspective (and I've attended and presented at hundreds of events in my 30 year IT career), the Summit conference has the highest ROI in real terms - assuming you want to gain knowledge and skills in data centric design and programming.
No BS, no fluff, only the good stuff, from the best people.

In a previous post, I talked about expertise and shared my definition of wisdom as:

            knowledge  X  experience  X  time

So, how does one get on the path to wisdom?  You need to get educated, enabled and energized.  The RPG & DB2 Summit conference is built to do just that.

Need another example?  My database engineering job description is a direct result of a Summit attendee engaging me and the team during one of the many philosophical debates discussions. Who knows what good thing you might sink your teeth into while attending.

Why not join me and other members of the DB2 for i Center of Excellence team the week of October 14 in Minneapolis. As a tangible result of attending, I guarantee that you will have a better understanding of DB2 for i, and a better appreciation for our beloved IBM i platform. In turn, this will make you better, and more valuable. Sweet!

For more information on the venue and registration, go here.

I hope to see you there!

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