Friday, February 21, 2014

The ABC of Social

Big Data


Are you wondering why constant and measured Social interaction via the web (and soon simple text messages) are such a big deal to business?

Hint: it's not necessarily about sharing your latest vacation picture with friends and family.

For a simple answer (ok, maybe not so simple) I encourage you to check out a behind the scenes look at how Analytics, Big Data and Cloud are used to drive and exploit Social behavior; watch the recent PBS FRONTLINE documentary "Generation Like".

As a fifty-something who grew up with one rotary phone in the house, I found it amazing.
As a data centric professional, I found it interesting.
As a business person, I found it profound.
As a parent, I found it disturbing.

I pose this rhetorical question: what do you think of the ABC S?

Of  course, multifaceted and "all of the above" answers permitted.

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