Friday, November 13, 2020

Db2 for i Comings & Goings

 As you might have guessed from the quietness of this blog, Mike Cain, my good friend and long-time Db2 partner in crime retired from IBM last year and is happily enjoying retirement.  

And if you haven’t heard yet, I returned to the IBM i world this Fall after a 5-year stint working on healthcare solutions powered by IBM Watson technologies. I’m excited to be back working work with the Db2 team in the IBM Lab Services Power Systems Delivery Practice where I get to help clients get the most out of Db2 and SQL on IBM i.  With my return, I’ll be using this blog to raise awareness about all things related to Db2 for i. 

Speaking of new things in Db2 land, today there are new IBM i technology refreshes available for the 7.3 and 7.4 releases that as always include numerous Db2 enhancements.  My favorite is the new IF EXISTS clause for DROP statements which can be used to greatly simplify your SQL database creation scripts – you can learn about how to use this feature in my article.  A complete list of all the Db2 and IBM i enhancements in the latest technology refresh can be found here.   

It's good to be back!


  1. This blot post was a bit spooky, on Friday 13th and everything. But welcome back!!

  2. Great to have you back, Kent. Thanks for resuscitating this blog; I am looking forward to your insight!

  3. Hello Kent, good to hear this blog is back!

  4. SO happy to have you back in the land of Db2 for i, Kent! Looking forward to following this blog again.

  5. Welcome back to fold Kent! And thank you for picking up the Db2 for i blog. We are looking forward to your always excellent illumination and insight.

    1. Hi Mike! I hope you are doing well. The community miss you. I'm still going back to your course material you used in Sweden in 2015 together with Hernando Bedoya. The 272 page PDF is just pure gold!

  6. Glad to have you back home on Db2 for i.

  7. Happy you come back to IBM i environment.